FBFC Mission

The French Bulldog  Fanciers of Canada consists of French Bulldog breeders, pet owners and French Bulldog fanciers. Some members are just adopting their first puppy; other are “Frenchie Fanatics” and have been supporting the French Bulldog breed for over 20 years. Together we are the French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada (“FBFC”).

The FBFC is accredited by the Canadian Kennel Club as the only recognized national club in Canada.  We share successes and losses, and learn from each other.



FBFC’s strategic vision is to become a world class organization working towards the betterment of the Breed through“One Club-One Vision-One Voice”.

We will achieve this by focusing our members on productive participation in the FBFC. As a team, we will work together assigning and taking on team tasks and fulfilling our team position requirements. As a team, we will work together to stay in touch, keeping communication lines open, offering support and representing members should they not be able to partcipate in a discussion. As a team, we will identify and create a plan of action, utilizing everyone’s knowledge and solicit input from all. As a team, we have all committed to use respect and dignity when communicating with fellow members.

We will achieve One Voice by working together as a team. We agree to be responsible and acknowledge the efforts put forth by each member. We can minimize interpersonal conflicts by avoiding unnecessary blazing publicly and communicating incorrect information privately. With your help, the FBFC will emerge as a stronger organization than ever before. We are ready to extend our growth and move forward.