surrender application

Thank You

  • Thank you for making the most reasonable decision to place this dog in another loving home. We understand that this is a difficult decision that you are making, and we will try our best to make this process and transition happen as smoothly as possible. Certainly, this is the most loving and humane act you can do for your dog in the event that you can no longer care for him or her. It shows a high degree of responsibility on your part and you will always be held in high regard.

Details on the Dog You Wish to Surrender


Behaviour of Dog





  • surrender all my interest in the French Bulldog identified above, if any herein, to the French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada Rescue Representative and request that this dog be rehomed as seems advisable at their discretion. I understand that I am surrendering the above dog of my own free will and in no way can this surrender be construed as a sale. I further understand that I will receive no money or any other consideration as a result of surrendering this dog.