As the popularity of French Bulldogs increases in Canada, so too do the number of French Bulldogs in need of rescue. Help French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada to help them! We are always in need of foster homes, transporters, people to do home checks, fund raise and donate to help cover the costs of veterinary and other care expenses. Above all, we need caring individuals and families to open their homes and hearts and give our ‘rescues’ the love and security that comes with family of their own

Dogs in care

Marcel is a handsome young 2 year old. He is well behaved, friendly, active and playful with his trainer/foster and the family. He loves toys and fetch and enjoys ear scratches and belly rubs. He is generally good and comfortable with people and other dogs in social settings. Marcel has guarding tendencies and may show anxious and/or protective behaviour in his home, in the presence of resources, or when he is crated. Awareness and management knowledge is essential.


HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: overall good health, some allergies. Resource guarding tendencies.

 Active, playful, friendly in most social settings

PEOPLE: Good in neutral spaces

COMPATIBILITY-DOGS: good when no resources present


REQUIREMENTS: Marcel would do best as an only dog in a family without young children. Protective or anxious behaviour is more likely to occur when he is crated or concerned about resources or strangers in his home. Marcel needs an owner he can trust and rely upon to provide leadership, guidance and consistency. Experience is a must.

Tyson is a high energy, playful, friendly, happy, 1 year old. He has been well behaved and cooperative in shelter/boarding settings and has been good with people and dogs since coming into foster care. He was reported to exhibit resource guarding behaviour and dog reactivity prior to surrender so will require additional assessment and training while in our care. Tyson is currently in the care of a foster/trainer.


HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: healthy/behaviour under assessment

COMPATIBILITY-PEOPLE: good – under assessment

COMPATIBILITY-DOGS: good – under assessment


REQUIREMENTS: to be determined

Tyson is not yet available for adoption

Mabel is 5 months old, friendly, playful and full of personality. She has a tendency to resource guard from other dogs(we are working on that) but is quite sociable otherwise and absolutely loves all people!!
Mabel came into care with medical concerns involving regurgitation and BOAS symptoms. We are running tests to assess her medically and will see that she gets whatever she needs on her road to wellness and a bright future.
Mabel is not currently available for adoption.


HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: Under assessment. Friendly, playful. Resource guarding tendencies with other dogs


COMPATIBILITY-DOGS: good. Resource guarding tendencies

COMPATIBILITY:CATS: Fine with dog savvy cats

REQUIREMENTS: to be determined

Winnie has been with us for a long time. She has a very challenging personality that requires routine, knowledge and management. Although she has had a number of applications, none have been the fit she needs.
With Winnie’s best interests at heart, she is now designated as permanent foster and applications will no longer be accepted. She will permanently remain in the care of her amazing foster family where she is happy and all her needs are being met.
Congratulations Winnie, you are home.

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To contact us regarding Surrender/Adoption/Fostering a French Bulldog, use the “Contact Rescue” form below

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    Volunteer – Foster a French Bulldog

    Fostering can be a rewarding experience and it is the heart and soul of our rescue efforts. Without our foster families we could not do this work. If you can help in this area, a foster application is available by clicking the button below. * Please Note * Foster homes must be matched to the dog in need therefore a questionnaire, reference and home check will be required prior to placing a dog in your care.

    Surrender a French Bulldog

    If you wish to surrender a French Bulldog into our care, or alert us to a French Bulldog  that is possibly in need of help, contact a member of our team for assistance. For your convenience an online surrender certificate is available by clicking the button below.

    Frenchies Adopted

    Click on the button below to take a look through our Gallery of successful placements. 

    For your information

    Please review the information provided on each dog and if you think he/she would be a good match for your family and lifestyle, an adoption application button can be found below each dog. Applications will be reviewed and those most suitable will be contacted. Do not apply for a dog that is clearly not recommended for your situation (e.g. if noted as no small children and you have small children, even if you feel your children are good with dogs) We must be firm on our assessment requirements to maximize the chance of a successful and long term placement.

    We do not do same day adoptions and we do not ship dogs. Reference and home checks are required prior to adoption finalization. Applicants selected as potential adoptive families (including any other family dogs) must initially visit the rescue dog to assess compatibility. Adoptive families are asked to provide regular updates following adoption. Additional protocol information can be found in the Adoption Contract & Home Checklist above.

    Angus is a handsome 8  year old French Bulldog mix. 

    He is friendly, affectionate, smart, active and good with dogs and cats. He enjoys company and should not be left alone for extended periods of time. 

    LOCATION: Eastern ON (Ottawa area)

    HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: Angus has a condition known as lymphangiectasia which causes low protein levels and bowel inflammation with accompanying gi symptoms. He has to take medication and needs a special diet to remain symptom free but is doing great! His protein levels are currently within normal range and he is asymptomatic. He can be a bit shy/nervous when first meeting new people but that is short lived and overall he is a happy, smart, social and energetic guy that loves to ‘talk’ and get into mischief.




    REQUIREMENTS: Would do best in a family where he is not left alone for extended periods of time as he thrives on companionship and needs regular pee breaks.He is good with all people and other pets but since he does need a special diet, homes with other pets or young children that may allow him access to trigger foods may not be advisable.. He will require periodic monitoring of his condition, medication and dietary management throughout his life but he is such a sweetie he deserves no less.