Constitution & Bylaws


The Club shall be known as “The French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada” hereinafter referred to as the
“Club” or the “F.B.F.C.”

The Club shall affiliate itself with the Canadian Kennel Club and from time to time other organizations
supporting the aims and purposes of the F.B.F.C.

The objectives of the Club shall be to advance, in all legitimate ways, the development and interests of
French Bulldogs as pets, companions or show dogs through:
1. Development of education programs for members and the public at large in the benefits of French
Bulldogs and to encourage and support responsible breeding practices and ownership;
2. Encouraging participation by conducting Sanction Matches, Boosters, Obedience Trials, Exhibitions
and licensed Specialty Shows under the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club;

The area of operation shall be the whole of Canada.

The Club shall not be conducted or operated for profit and no part of any profits or funds from
shows, membership fees, donations, fund raising or any other source shall inure to the benefit of any
member or individual.

In order to carry out the Constitution, the Club shall from time to time adopt and revise the
necessary By-Laws.

Amendments to this Constitution may be made by the Board or petition from the members and only
after the proposed amendments have been raised for debate at two Board meetings of the Club and have
thereafter been signed, by a two thirds approving majority of the Voting Members of the Club in good
standing. The signed document will contain the entire Constitution as revised. All voting will be
undertaken by mail and voting by proxy will not be allowed
Any proposed changes must be received in writing at least two months prior to the Board Meeting for debate.


The membership year of the Club shall commence on January 1st and end on December 31st of the same

Membership shall be limited to persons interested in furthering the objectives set forth in the Club’s
Constitution, whose application has been approved, who have paid the prescribed fees and who undertake to
abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the Club.

1. Ordinary and Associate membership fees will be fixed at the Annual General Meeting in
each year to take effect as of Jan. 1st of the next year.
2. Honorary and Life Members are exempt from paying membership fees.

1. Ordinary Membership – shall be open to all Canadian residents nineteen years of age and
over who have been accepted for membership by the Club and have paid the prescribed
fees. Ordinary members are entitled to all Club privileges, excluding election to office,
unless they are also members in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club.
2. Associate Membership – shall be open to all non-residents of Canada who have been
accepted for membership by the Club and have paid the prescribed fees. Associate
members will not be entitled to vote or hold an elected position. They will be entitled to
receive the Newsletter and enjoy other Club privileges.
3. Honorary Membership – an Honorary member shall be one whom the Club deems worthy
of such recognition. Honorary member names shall be submitted and approved by a
majority vote of the Executive Committee. Honorary members shall have all the
privileges of the Club except those of voting and holding office.
4. Lifetime Membership – may be awarded to those Ordinary members who have made
outstanding contributions to the French Bulldog breed and/or Club. Life members shall
be elected by a simple majority vote of the Executive. Life members shall have all the
privileges of the Club including election to office.

a) Persons applying for membership in the Club shall complete an application as provided by the
Club and shall file that application along with the appropriate fees to the Treasurer of the Club.
b) No person will be accepted for membership who:
i) is engaged in the breeding, buying or selling of dogs which are not purebred;
ii) is engaged in selling or giving dogs to a pet store for resale;
iii) has been charged by laws of their area for cruelty to animals; or
iv) without reasonable excuse acceptable to a majority of Directors of the Club, and/or who has been
refused admission by any other dog club or organization.
v) is engaged in the sale or resale of dogs, excluding those bred, owned or co-owned by the member.
This includes Rescue dogs which are not owned, co-owned or bred by the member
c) Persons applying for membership in the Club are expected to share in the organization and running of
Club activities. Therefore, from time to time, each member will be approached by the President, or
Committee Chairperson, to volunteer their services in support of Club activities. This will, hopefully,
even the workload on all members. Repeated refusal by a member to help with these activities will
result in termination of membership.
d) Any membership application received and rejected by the Club will be followed up by a written
explanation to the applicant.

a) Resignation in writing to the Secretary.
b) Lapsing or failure to pay fees within 30 days of the due date.
c) Expulsion of any member for breach of Article V, Section a,b,c and/or for violating the Code of Ethics
of the Club or for conduct which is detrimental to the welfare of the French Bulldog breed, another
Club member or the Club. An appropriate procedure for dealing with written complaints shall be
adopted by the Club and, once adopted, shall be appended to the Constitution and form part hereof.
d) Any member who has been deprived, suspended, debarred, expelled or whose membership has
been terminated by the Canadian Kennel Club Discipline Committee or any other recognized
registering body.

a) Ordinary and Life members in good standing with the Club and the Canadian Kennel Club may
stand for election as Officers and Directors.
b) 90 days before the Annual General Meeting, the Secretary shall mail a nomination form to all
active voting members. Nomination forms must:
i) have the written approval of two voting members
ii) be accompanied by the written acceptance of the nominee; and
iii) be submitted to the Secretary 45 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
c) Not less than 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Secretary will provide each voting
member with a ballot listing the nominees for each office and the Provincial Directors, separately
for each province, together with a blank envelope addressed to the Secretary and marked “ballot”
and also marked with the name of the member to whom it was sent.
d) Nominations will not be accepted from the floor at the Annual General Meeting unless there are no
nominations received for an Officer position.

a) Officers and Directors shall be elected for a term of two years. The President can hold office for
two (2) consecutive terms.
b) Regional Directors shall be elected by the members of that Region. If no Regional Director is
elected in a Region, the President is hereby granted discretion to appoint a Regional Director to
represent that Region.
c) At the Annual General Meeting, a Committee of three (3), one (1) Officer of the Club and two (2)
active members appointed by the President will verify and count the ballots and certify the results
to the Meeting.
d) The term of office for the Officers and the Regional Directors shall begin Jan 1st immediately
following election and terminate Dec.31st two years after.

a) The Officers of the Club shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as
the immediate Past President.
b) The Board of Directors of the Club (the “Board”) shall consist of the Officers and Regional
Directors. The Board may, at its discretion, include the Chairperson of Standing Committees and
Ad Hoc Committees.
c) The Committee Chairs of the Club shall consist of the Newsletter Editor(s) and the Rescue
Coordinator and any other ad hoc Committee Chairs which are appointed from time to time

– President – The President will be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club and will have
the general powers and duties of supervision and management. The President shall be an
ex-officio member of all Committees, except the Nomination Committee, and Chairman
of all meetings of the Officers, Board and/or members.

– Vice-President – the Vice-President will act in the absence of the President and shall
assist the President in the discharge of duties.

– Secretary – The Secretary shall keep and record minutes of all meetings of the Officers,
the Board and the members of the Club and of all matters of which a record shall be
ordered by the Club. The Secretary shall be responsible for:
1) notifying members of meetings;
2) notifying new members of their acceptance to membership;
3) notifying Officers and Directors of their election to office;
4) keeping a roll of the members of the Club with their addresses and telephone numbers;
5) keeping copies of the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the Club and making
them available to all members, and
6) dealing with, and keeping on file, all correspondence and passing on such correspondence,
intact, to the newly-elected Secretary following elections.

– Treasurer – the Treasurer shall maintain such records as are necessary to record the
financial status of the Club. The Treasurer shall:
1) collect all fees and revenues;
2) pay out such amounts as authorized;
3) keep a bank account open in a chartered bank approved by the Board, in which
all revenue of the Club shall be deposited and from which Club expenses shall be
paid by cheque;
4) be authorized to maintain a small petty cash fund in the amount of $50.00 or such
other amount as may be set at any Annual General Meeting;
5) report the Club’s finances at meetings and when requested;
make the books of the Club available for inspection by the Board at all
reasonable times.

– Regional Directors – the Regional Directors shall:
1) represent the Club in their defined areas;
2) coordinate and distribute Club information for their area to Club members;
3) coordinate and pass to the Executive suggestions, ideas or complaints from members
in their area;
4) when feasible, organize social/fun events in their area; and
organize Boosters at All-Breed Shows and Sanction/Fun Matches.

– Newsletter Editor – Roles and Responsibilities:
1) The newsletter editor(s) will review, edit and assemble information submitted for
inclusion in the official Publication of the French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada. At
its sole discretion the Board reserves the right to edit and/or remove any
information submitted for inclusion in the Publication which is deemed
2) The Publication will be mailed quarterly either by surface mail or electronically to
each member in good standing of the French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada (FBFC)
3) Upon request, the Newsletter Editor(s) will be provided with a petty cash fund of
$100.00 (one hundred dollars) to cover all direct costs of the Publication (paper,
postage, printing). The Newsletter Editor(s) agree to keep all receipts in a readable
format and to submit them quarterly along with a list of expenditures to the Club
The Newsletter Editor(s) agree that they will not publish any information that may
prove injurious to the Club or any member thereof and that they will not use this
Publication as a means for their personal gain. Failure to comply with this can/will
result in the removal of the Newsletter Editor(s) from their position by the Board.

– Rescue Coordinator – Roles and Responsibilities:
The Rescue Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a list of individuals willing to help with
rescue and for organizing a response for a French Bulldog in need. Any and all decisions
regarding fostering, placement and medical treatment protocols must have the prior approval of the
Officers of the Club. The Officers of the Club will, where possible, rely on the Rescue Cocoordinator’s
judgment and assessment of any particular rescue situation.

1) The business of the Club shall be managed by the Board of Directors and shall
require a simple majority vote of the Board;
2) The Board shall have the right by a two/thirds (2/3) majority vote only, to remove
any Officer or Chairperson of a Committee for violation or neglect of duty;
3) If an Officer or Director resigns or is removed during his/her term, the position shall
be filled by the Board.

From time to time, the President may establish a Committee, either Ad Hoc or Standing, to deal with
any particular interest or function. The President may appoint a Chairperson accordingly.

The Club will make every effort to hold a Specialty Show every other year, and a Booster in the
alternate years. The Club’s intention is that the Specialty Show will alternate between Eastern Canada and
Western Canada. In the event that in any given year this is not possible, the Specialty may be held at any
location in Canada as the current Show Committee deems appropriate. In an attempt to establish tradition
within the Club, every attempt will be made to hire Breeder Judges at all Specialties and Boosters.

1) Annual General Meetings – The Annual General Meeting shall be held in conjunction
with the Club’s Specialty Shows whenever possible. Place, date and time will be
designated by the Board of Directors.
2) Special Meetings – Special meetings of the Club may be called by the President or by
written request of a majority vote of members of the Board.
3) Board Meetings – The first meeting of the Board shall be held immediately following the
Election. Other meetings of the Board shall be held at such times and places as are designated
by the President or by a majority vote of the entire Board. The secretary will notify board
members of each meeting within 14 days of the meeting date. The quorum for a Board
Meeting shall be a majority of the Board voting in person or by mail. The Board may conduct
its business by mail, through the Secretary, by telephone conference call or by email and other
electronic/internet communication. Any business conducted by telephone will be confirmed in
writing by the Secretary within 7 days.

Ordinary members in good standing and lifetime members are entitled to vote. Voting by proxy will
not be permitted. A grace period of sixty (60) days is required before new members or reinstated members
are allowed to vote.

1) The fiscal year of the Club shall be from January 1st to December 31st of the same
2) The Secretary and the Newsletter Editor shall have a petty cash account of one
hundred (100) dollars or such other amount as may be set at an Annual General
3) The funds of the Club, except for the amount allocated to the petty cash fund, shall be
deposited in a Chartered Bank approved by the Board.
4) All cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and shall be counter-signed by either the
President or the Secretary.
5) There shall be no borrowing of Club funds.
Members of the Club shall be reimbursed for authorized Club expenses upon tendering
appropriate documentation.

The order of business at the Annual General Meetings, Election Meetings, Special Meetings and Board
Meetings will be as follows:
a. Roll Call
b. Minutes of the last meeting
c. Report of the President
d. Report of the Secretary
e. Report of the Treasurer
f. Report of the Committees
g. Determination of membership rates for the ensuing year (Annual General Meeting)
h. Unfinished Business
i. New Business
j. Election of Officers (Annual General Meeting)

Section 1. – Complaints
Complaints against members of the Club arising from:
1.1 their dealings with other members of this or any other dog clubs;
1.2 breach of this or any other dog club Rules, By-laws or Codes of Ethics; or
1.3 their dealings with members of the public at large in breeding, owning, co-owning, selling
and/or placing of French Bulldogs;
Section 2. – Meeting of Officers
2.1 Upon receiving such a complaint, the Officers of the Club shall meet within 30 days to discuss
and evaluate the complaint;
2.2 No Officer directly or indirectly affected by this complaint shall take any part in the Meeting;
2.3 At the Meeting, by simple majority of those not affected by this complaint, the Officers may:
2.3.1 dismiss the complaint as being:
– not well -founded or without merit;
– being frivolous; and/or
– being of so minor a nature as to not warrant further consideration; or
2.3.2 appoint a Complaint Review Person, being a voting member of the Club
in good standing, to investigate and make recommendations as to how the complaint
should be dealt with.
2.4 Both the complainant and the person against whom the complaint is made shall be
notified in writing of the outcome of the Meeting of Officers.
Section 3. – Duties of Complaint Review Person
3.1 The Complaint Review Person shall give the complainant 21 days in which to file all
information relevant to the complaint along with all supporting documentation and shall notify
the complainant that this information and documentation will be sent to the person against
whom the complaint is made.
3.2 All information received from the complainant shall then be copied and delivered to the
person against whom the complaint is made along with notification that any response to the
complaint shall be returned to the Complaint Review Person within 21 days.
3.3 Should it be deemed appropriate, the Complaint Review Person may allow each party one
further opportunity to provide responding information.
3.4 The Complaint Review Person shall then review all material received and make a written
report to the Officers of the Club recommending:
3.4.1 that the complaint be dismissed for any of the reasons set out above;
3.4.2 that the complaint be ruled to be well-founded but that no penalty should be
imposed and explain why no penalty should be imposed; or
3.4.3 that the complaint be ruled to be well-founded and suggest a penalty that
should be imposed and explain why that particular penalty is recommended; or
3.4.4 make such other recommendations as the Complaint Review Person deems appropriate.

Section 4. – Penalties That May be Imposed
4.1 The Officers, upon receiving the Report of the Complaint Review Person, shall meet
again to deal with the complaint. This meeting may be in person, by telephone or via
email/internet and may not include any Officer affected by the outcome of the complaint.
4.2 Should the Officers of the Club deem it inappropriate for themselves to deal with the
complaint, they may delegate the power to deal with the complaint to a Committee of three
members of the Club in good standing, none of whom have had any previous dealing with the
complaint, either directly or indirectly, nor are directly affected by the outcome of the complaint.
4.3 The Officers of the Club, by simple majority of those not affected by the outcome of the
complaint, (or the Committee appointed to act in place of the Officers) shall review all material
and then may:
– dismiss the complaint;
– rule that the complaint is well-founded and require the person against whom
the complaint was made to:
1) apologize in writing to the complainant;
2) make such appropriate amends to the complainant as seems fit in the circumstances; and/or
3) cease being a member of the Club for such length of time as may be deemed appropriate without
return of fees paid.
– The Officers of the Club, by simple majority of those not affected by the
outcome of the complaint, (or the Committee appointed to act in place of the
Officers) may order that, in default of compliance with the penalty imposed, the
person against whom the complaint is made shall cease to be a member of the
Club for such length of time as may be deemed appropriate without the return of fees paid.


The Club may be dissolved at any time by the written consent of not less than two thirds (2/3) of the
members. No voting by proxy will be permitted. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, other than for
the purposes of reorganization, all Club property and assets shall not be distributed to any member of the
Club. After payment of debts, if any, all proceeds from the sale of Club assets and property will be donated
to a charitable organization, selected by the Board of Directors, for the benefit of dogs.