Available for adoption.

Below are the dogs currently in our care. Please review the information provided on each dog and if you think he/she would be a good match for your family and lifestyle, an adoption application button can be found below each dog. Applications will be reviewed and those most suitable will be contacted. Do not apply for a dog that is clearly not recommended for your situation (e.g. if noted as no small children and you have small children, even if you feel your children are good with dogs) We must be firm on our assessment requirements to maximize the chance of a successful and long term placement.

We do not do same day adoptions and we do not ship dogs. Reference and home checks are required prior to adoption finalization. Applicants selected as potential adoptive families (including any other family dogs) must initially visit the rescue dog to assess compatibility. Adoptive families are asked to provide regular updates following adoption. Additional protocol information can be found in the Adoption Contract & Home Checklist at the bottom of the Rescue page.

Meet Gemma



This cute little 2 year old French Bulldog mix was surrendered to rescue due to compatibility and behaviour  concerns. 

We have found her to be playful, affectionate and social, though she does have a notable degree of touch sensitivity and reacts vocally. She is doing very well in foster care and is becoming increasingly more comfortable with touch. 

LOCATION: Southwestern ON (Peterborough area)

HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: Good health, spayed, vetting up to date.

Touch sensitive.

COMPATIBILITY-PEOPLE: good/no young children (familiarity with her nature and management needed)

COMPATIBILITY-DOGS: good with calm well balanced dogs


REQUIREMENTS: Gemma will need a home with confident calm owners. She would do well and enjoy a resident dog as long as he/she is calm and well balanced. Awareness and comfort with her somewhat quirky nature is required. Overall she is adaptable, sociable and affectionate. The choice of a forever family will be based on best match for her needs and how well her personality meshes with the applicants family dynamic.



Winnie has been with us for a long time. She has a very challenging personality that requires routine, knowledge and management. Although she has had a number of applications, none have been the fit she needs.
With Winnie’s best interests at heart, she is now designated as permanent foster and applications will no longer be accepted. She will permanently remain in the care of her amazing foster family where she is happy and all her needs are being met.
Congratulations Winnie, you are home.

Under Assessment

Why Under Assessment?

Some of our Rescue dogs are under assessment and are therefore not ready for adoption. We may need more time to evaluate their temperament or behaviour or they may have specific  health concerns that need to be addressed. Once these dogs are ready for adoption, they will be moved to the Available for Adoption section above.
In the meantime we could still use your help. Please consider making a donation towards their care. These dogs require the most financial investment, and with your generous donation, we will have the resources needed to care for them while they are on the path towards finding their forever homes.

Meet Rupert



Rupert is a cute little 2 year old French Bulldog that was surrendered to rescue following a back injury.
He is a sweet, affectionate, chatty little guy with a big personality.
Rupert is currently under treatment and requires crate rest, activity restriction, various medications and regular followup during recovery. Future medical, surgical or physio requirements are yet to be determined

LOCATION: Eastern ON (Ottawa area)

HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: Recovering from spinal trauma, good general health , neutered , vetting up to date. Friendly, high energy, can be vocal

COMPATIBILITY-PEOPLE: good, takes time to warm up to new people.

COMPATIBILITY-DOGS: Calm, lower energy dogs 


REQUIREMENTS: Once Rupert has recovered from his back injury we can better assess best family setting for him. Home with back care awareness will be needed.

Meet Angus



Angus is an 8 year old French Bulldog mix.
He is friendly, affectionate, smart, active and good with dogs and cats. He enjoys company and should not be left alone for extended periods of time. He has just settled into foster care and will require further assessment to determine his future needs and best match family.

LOCATION: Eastern ON (Ottawa area)

HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: Under assessment – No known behaviour issues




REQUIREMENTS: To be determined

Volunteer – Foster a French Bulldog

Fostering can be a rewarding experience and it is the heart and soul of our rescue efforts. Without our foster families we could not do this work. If you can help in this area, a foster application is available by clicking the button below. * Please Note * Foster homes must be matched to the dog in need therefore a questionnaire, reference and home check will be required prior to placing a dog in your care.