Available for adoption

Below are the dogs currently in our care. Please review the information provided on each dog and if you think he/she would be a good match for your family and lifestyle, an adoption application button can be found below each dog. Applications will be reviewed and those most suitable will be contacted. Do not apply for a dog that is clearly not recommended for your situation (e.g. if noted as no small children and you have small children, even if you feel your children are good with dogs) We must be firm on our assessment requirements to maximize the chance of a successful and long term placement.

We do not do same day adoptions and we do not ship dogs. Reference and home checks are required prior to adoption finalization. Applicants selected as potential adoptive families (including any other family dogs) must initially visit the rescue dog to assess compatibility. Adoptive families are asked to provide regular updates following adoption. Additional protocol information can be found in the Adoption Contract & Home Checklist at the bottom of the Rescue page.



Stanley is a delightful, mature little frenchie mix that is great with absolutely everybody he meets. He is good with dogs, kids, seniors and doesn’t even mind cats and budgies.
He loves his walks and to play ball and truly enjoys his naps. He is crate trained and polite, walks well on a leash and we think he is as cute as a button. Other than not being at all cooperative or happy to visit the veterinarian and the need to supervise him as we work on his occasional marking tendency, we would call him Mr Perfect.






REQUIREMENTS: Stanley is pretty adaptable and should do well in most family living situations. Given his older age and love of human companionship, his ideal family would be one that was home a lot and that enjoyed the close companionship of an affectionate little dog. 



Marcel is a handsome three year old fawn boy with an absolutely perfect personality!
He is great with all people and pets and is a perfect companion in every way.

Marcel suffered a disc rupture in his lower back several months ago. His injury has stabilized and he is mobile, but he has been left with some residual rear leg weakness and decreased bladder and bowel control. He will need a family that can continue his routine of being taken out every three to four hours during and day and provide a sufficient amount of daily exercise to maintain muscle strength. Few if any stairs.
Marcel  is  available for adoption to the right home.
Please review his bio and needs and if he is a good match for you, a link to an adoption application is provided.


HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: No behaviour issues. Residual rear leg weakness and decreased bowel/bladder control due to prior disc rupture




REQUIREMENTS: Marcel will need a home that is comfortable with his  restrictions and able to meet his physical needs. No or minimal stairs.  Yard for exercise.



Winnie is an adorable seven year old pied girl with a cute little dot on the top of her head. She came to us showing some reactivity if pushed beyond her comfort level.
Winnie’s foster mom is experienced both with French Bulldogs and dog behaviour  and she has made great strides while in care. She will need a family that can follow her established routine to avoid digression.
Winnie is now available for adoption to the right home.
Please review her bio and needs carefully and if she is a good match for you, a link to an adoption application is provided.


HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: Allergies-under control with medication. Past history of resource guarding- awareness needed and management protocol will be provided.

COMPATIBILITY:PEOPLE: Generally good. Proper introductions required with attention to energy level.

COMPATIBILITY DOGS: Calm, well balanced dogs


REQUIREMENTS: Winnie will need a dog savvy home to maintain supportive behavioural training. No children or cats. Would do fine as an only dog or in a home with another calm, balanced dog.

Under Assessment

Why Under Assessment?

Some of our Rescue dogs are under assessment and are therefore not ready for adoption. We may need more time to evaluate their temperament or behaviour or they may have specific  health concerns that need to be addressed. Once these dogs are ready for adoption, they will be moved to the Available for Adoption section above.
In the meantime we could still use your help. Please consider making a donation towards their care. These dogs require the most financial investment, and with your generous donation, we will have the resources needed to care for them while they are on the path towards finding their forever homes.


Callie is a healthy, active, two year old female frenchie with a lot of energy and a love of life. She does have anxiety and reactivity around strangers, new people and strange dogs and will benefit from ongoing training. She is looking for a dog savvy, moderately active family with no children or cats. Her new family should be willing and able to continue with training to help her gain confidence and trust.


HEALTH/BEHAVIOUR: no health issues. Anxiety/reactivity in certain situations

COMPATIBILITY:PEOPLE:  fine with people she knows, discomfort/reactivity with strangers initially

COMPATIBILITY:DOGS: fine with dogs she knows


REQUIREMENTS:  Callie needs a dog experienced family that will continue with her training. Someone that enjoys walks and dog friendly activities would be wonderful. A calm, well balanced doggy sibling in the family is fine, no cats or children.